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Refrigerators keep your family safe and healthy

Think about life before refrigerators. Sure, there was ice, if it was available, people could keep their food cold for periods of time with that. While that might work in Wisconsin or New York, here in Arizona, that really isn�t the best option. But, keeping our food cold, and cooling our leftovers quickly, is important to our safety and health.

Refrigerators keep your family safe and healthy

Arizona Appliance Repair understands that when you need refrigerator repair, it�s important to get help right away. It quickly becomes a matter of food safety in our region. To keep food safe, it needs to be held below 40 degrees, and our leftovers need to be cooled to 40 degrees as quickly as possible. That is why we rely so heavily on our refrigerators. Because of this, you need your refrigerator to work, and to work correctly.

When you call Arizona Appliance Repair during normal business hours, you will receive our same day service guarantee in Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding areas. We will send out one of our professional, trained technicians from one of our many dispatch centers located throughout the area. Our technician will arrive at your house on the same business day that you place a call for help.

Our techs carry all of the common replacement parts for your refrigerator on their trucks. This eliminates the need for running for parts to fix your refrigerator. We will have it back up and running on the same day, and often in just one visit. We know that your refrigerator is more than just a convenience. It�s a necessity, and helps to keep you and your family healthy and safe from foodborne illness.

Before you call us, you can check your power connection, your fuse or breaker box, and the temperature control inside the refrigerator to make sure the problem doesn�t lie there. But once you�ve checked those few things, it�s time to call the professionals. Don�t wait to get your refrigerator repairs done. Call Arizona Appliance Repair today.

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